Case Study

Veritone Attribute Helps Primedia Broadcasting Win Ad Spend by Proving Campaign Lift of up to 30%

Primedia Broadcasting is a leading media and advertising group headquartered in South Africa. The group owns four regional radio stations that garner a total of 2 million listeners per week. Known for attracting premium audiences, Primedia Broadcasting’s stations are among the most sought-after advertising vehicles in the region. However, while both Primedia Broadcasting and its advertising customers intrinsically know that radio promotions are effective and drive sales, the company needed a way to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Primedia was able to do just that with the help of Veritone Attribute. The results have people listening.

Dialing in the science behind radio advertising

Without a marketing attribution tool, radio broadcasters don’t have a way to prove that radio drives people to websites. “We know that radio works, but we need evidence,” explains Kwena Manamela, Media Insights  Specialist with Primedia. “We needed local data to help convince our clients of our value—a way to make radio’s impact measurable like digital.” Primedia chose Attribute for its ability to prove the science behind radio advertising. The company became the first broadcaster in South Africa to adopt Attribute, allowing Primedia to demonstrate, measure and share the impact of its campaigns. “We are always trying to find new ways to add value and to demonstrate that value to our clients,” Manamela says. “Attribute helps us do that. We can show them which campaigns are working and how well each is working.”

Lift rates of up to 30%

With Attribute, Primedia and its clients can plan and execute campaigns, gathering near real-time visibility into the results—and the results are significant. The average lift rate across all campaigns tracked through Attribute is 13%, while Manamela says a few of Primedia’s clients are seeing lift rates of 30% or more. “With Attribute, we’re adding value that helps us retain clients and win new ones,” Manamela says. Primedia is noticing that clients are willing to make radio advertising investments they might otherwise not make. “It’s because they can easily test campaigns and promotions and see the results,” Manamela says. “Some clients that were not advertising on the radio are giving radio a try since we’re able to give them quick visibility into how their radio ads are performing.” Manamela describes how one financial services client was so impressed with the lift rates they were getting as well as the insights from the Attribute reports that showed them which of their creatives worked well, time of day, day of the week, etc., that they decided to track all of the campaigns they run on Primedia stations.

Fine tuning campaigns for optimal results

Using Attribute, Primedia helps clients see better results by investing in what’s working and optimizing what isn’t. And these shifts can be made early on in a campaign when they have the most impact, whether that’s day of the week, dayparts, ad length, ad creative or other components. Some clients buy radio spots in their favorite shows or those they think would work best for their campaigns based on perceptions, but Attribute reveals the best shows to get the most online response from listeners. “We have seen cases where a show which had less radio ads delivered more visits than those which had the most ads,” Manamela says. “This allows us to optimise future campaigns so that the client can get more visits to their page.” By using Attribute, Primedia is now getting more budget share. Clients are adding more campaigns, tracking them and optimizing them by reviewing Attribute’s metrics. And as a result, Primedia can definitively show them that advertising with them works. “It gives them the confidence to invest more with us,” Manamela says. “Our clients demand accountability, and Attribute is the tool that provides it.”