Case Study

10-hour Earnings Call Production Reduced to 1 Hour With Veritone Voice

Companies that prefer to conduct earnings calls rather than quarterly performance reports face a variety of production challenges. These hurdles not only strain teams and resources, but also eat into valuable time.

However, AI-created synthetic voice smooths many of these production speed bumps, unlocking not only greater agility and speed but also increases your capability to communicate with a wider audience.


To produce the content necessary for a quality earnings call, we’ve found companies on average spend ten hours or more in production. Requiring a cross-team effort that involves juggling multiple schedules contributes to the time commitment as well as polishing messaging and positioning, which also requires multiple reviews.

The process can also become frustrating when rerecordings have to take place, especially if the deadline is quickly approaching. Faced with putting undue strain on resources and bottlenecking other projects that might have tight deadlines around the same time, companies need a leaner way to provide audio for earnings calls.

In addition, the content might either require translations if servicing a global audience or it might be limited to one language dictated by where the company is headquartered. This limits the potential reach of the message to inform analysts and investors based in other regions.

After running the content through a  translation engine, bi-lingual experts can review the transcript to confirm everything looks correct. This guarantees that word choice accurately represents the original concepts from English to Spanish.

This approach is excellent for those that want to validate the potential audience outside of their native language. Once that audience has proven interest, teams can then seriously look at localizing their content.


Veritone Voice is a hyper-realistic synthetic Voice as a Service (VaaS) solution that’s used to create individual, custom voices or used by users to leverage a built-in library of over two hundred stock voices. With Veritone Voice, you can create a custom voice for any executive that might be speaking on an earnings call.

Veritone leverages this technology during earnings broadcasts. Mike Zemetra, Chief Financial Officer at Veritone said, “Veritone Voice just takes a few minutes and enhances non-verbal aspects of speech such as pitch, volume, speed of delivery, rhythm, and intonation, making my synthetic voice a better version of my own voice on earning calls.”   

This capability reduces production burdens from juggling schedules to avoiding physical re-recordings, and it enables you to translate content into other languages using their unique voice, even if they don’t speak the language fluently.


By using Veritone Voice internally, we were able to cut down our earnings call production time to only one hour. This has freed up executives and teams alike to focus on the day-to-day work without sacrificing the quality or authenticity of the content produced for earrings calls.

Hear a sample of Mike's real voice: [audio wav=""][/audio] Mike's synthetic voice (English, Italian, french): [audio wav=""][/audio]

Join us in obtaining a lean and more modern approach to quarterly earnings calls. Listen to Veritone executives speak multiple languages and learn more about Veritone Voice and get in touch today.